Barracuda’s are known for how absolutely vicious they can be. It’s no surprise that extreme caution is recommended when dealing with them. From jumping into boats unexpectedly to thrashing around and biting anything in site, you never know what’s gonna happen when one of these monsters get in the picture.

WARNING: Images Are Graphic



Coral Wira, 14, knows how brutal an angry barracuda can be. While out on a fishing trip with her parents near Venice, Florida, her dad, Rob Parker, was about to lock in with a battle with a particularly nasty cuda when it missed the bait and went straight for Wira, biting her arm an leaving it with deep gashes.

The bites look pretty nasty, but luckily not life-threatening. Her dad grabbed a few quick pictures on the way and a final group shot of himself, Koral and the barracuda in question before heading to the hospital.

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