Hunter’s aren’t exactly known for always being fairly represented or catered to by the media or most organizations out there. That’s why it was so refreshing to see Arby’s taking a step and offering what hunters love last year — wild game in the form of a venison sandwich.

The only bad thing about the venison sandwich was that it was only offered at select locations, but that’s all about to change. Arby’s will be bringing back the venison sandwich and offering it at all 3,300 locations in the U.S.

They’re also bringing a friend along for the ride and adding an elk sandwich. Although it’s only available at select test locations in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these states, here’s where they’ll be available at:

200 East 144th Ave., Thornton, Colorado 80023
2607 CY Ave., Casper, Wyoming 82604
2834 King Ave. W, Billings, Montana 59102

It’s all set to go down on Saturday, October 21 for those that either didn’t get to try it before or those that have been waiting for its return.

Hopefully, with the addition of all locations carrying the venison sandwich, it’ll be easier to order one since they sold out in just minutes last time.

“If people are interested in trying the sandwich, the only way to guarantee they can get one is to get there when we open or a little before and make sure they are in line, just like folks last year,” said Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taylor.

Why did they choose elk? If you’ve ever tried elk, the answer to that should be pretty simple.

“We took a look at what hunters and wild game enthusiasts love to talk about eating, and elk was something that kept popping up, and we said, ‘this is another great tasting game meat we think our guests would enjoy,’” Taylor continued.


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