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Workers Rescue A ‘Dog’ From Frozen River; Turns Out It’s A Wolf

After noticing what they thought to be a dog in distress in a freezing river, a group of Estonian workers rushed to help it out.

Once they pulled the animal from the water, they bundled it up and rushed it to a clinic. Once they got there, they realized they had a wolf in their midst the entire time.

Surprisingly enough, the wolf remained docile throughout its transportation to the clinic, which is most likely due to it having had very low blood pressure when it arrived.

“We had to carry him over the slope,” said Rando Kartsepp, one of the men who rescued the wolf. “He weighed a fair bit.”

“He was calm, slept on my legs. When I wanted to stretch them, he raised his head for a moment,” he continued.

Fortunately, veterinarians were able to cage the wolf before it recovered and could’ve potentially become more aggressive.

It was a close call for the wolf, but after recovering, he was fitted with a GPS collar by researchers from the national environmental agency and released back into the wild.

“We are so happy for the outcome of the story, and wish to thank all the participants – especially these men who rescued the wolf and the doctors of the clinic who were not afraid to treat and nurture the wild animal,” said the Estonian Union for the Protection of Animals (EUPA).

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