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Woman Stuck in House 2 Days Because of Seagull Attacks, Rushes to ER

Barbara Cox isn’t a fan of seagulls – not anymore at least. The 80-year-old woman was attacked by two seagulls while hanging her laundry and taken to the hospital.

“I went out to hang my washing out and I thought ‘what’s that at the bottom of the garden?’ and saw it was a dead chick,” Cox said in an interview.

“The next thing I knew two seagulls swooped down on me and one attached itself to my leg. It came down and grabbed me on the leg with its claws. It pecked me and caused me to bleed.”

She was luckily able to get back inside after her real life The Birds incident.

After receiving a shot for tetanus at the hospital, she called the police and contacted city council. Cox believes the attack is the result of residents feeding seagulls and the becoming accustomed to people.

Police said gulls were not a concern of theirs and city council refused to release any additional information to inform residents after Cox inquired about the possibility.

That’s not the response Cox was hoping for.

“I was too scared to go outside of my house for two days but I had to go to A&E in the end because my leg was hurting.”

Hopefully this is her first and last tango with rogue gulls.

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