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Wild Hogs Kill Baby Deer in Viral Photo

It’s the photo that has the hunting world buzzing. It’s the most viral hog story since this Slow Mo Helicopter Hog Hunting racked up millions of views.

A family of hogs is carrying away a fawn, with no regards to hunting regulations. The photo was shared by’s Facebook Page and has been shared almost 2,000 times. 

Comments ranged from Steve Ferguson: “This is one of many reasons that hog hunting, by any means and at any time, should be encouraged year round. Just ask the folks in Texas how they are doing with their hog problem.”

Allen Cook: “Hunt hogs year round because of this.”

But, not everyone is a fan of hog hunting, or even this photo. Vibeke Harrison: “This is a horrible post. My opinion only”

In case you were curious why the Helicopter Hog Hunt Slow Mo Kills Shots went viral, here you go:


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