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WATCH Muskox Go Noggin-To-Noggin In Vicious Headbutt Faceoff

One splitting headache coming right up!

These two head-butting muskox know what going head-to-head is better than just about anyone or anything.

Whenever there’s a disagreement, there’s no other way they’d rather figure it out than by ramming their head into whatever’s in their way.

It can get pretty painful to watch when it happens to be another muskox they’re trying to get through.

See the Full Version Here to see this just south of PS03 with my buddy Jonathan on his birthday!

Posted by Jeremy Jacobson on Monday, August 20, 2018

That’s a lot of hurt in that hit — especially since adult males can weigh up to 800 pounds.

Jeremy Jacobson was with his buddy, Jonathan, when they discovered two adult male muskox in the middle of the road in Alaska.

They decided to record the entire fight once they realized what was going on.

Is the phone ringing or is it just my ears?

The fight lasts for several minutes as the muskox take turns ramming into each other’s faces and then shaking it off before going right back at it.

Jonathan and Jeremy can’t believe what they’re managing to witness as the animals duke it out.

They might look kind of funny and their name, itomingmak, which means “the animal with skin like a beard,” perfectly describes their goofy look, but we wouldn’t poke fun at them for it.

Their full-body beard is highly valued for its wool-like underhair called qiviut. If this $200 for a beanie is any indication, it’s safe to say they’re wrapped in natures shag carpet.

A winner does eventually become apparent after one of them starts to back up before turning around and running off.

It looks like the winner wasn’t quite done as he appears to chase the fleeing bull down. He eventually veers off and goes in the opposite, fortunately for the other muskox, because he probably wasn’t up for continuing to knock his own lights out.

We’re just surprised they both walked away without breaking something.

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