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Watch Leopard Leap From Tree And Ambush An Unsuspecting Impala

A grazing impala had an unfortunate ending to its day (and life) after a leopard pounced on it from a tree while the impala happily grazing underneath.

It’s almost impossible to see the leopard as it lies in wait for the perfect moment to strike. When the moment finally arrives, he wastes no time in jumping from the tree and taking the impala to the ground.

“He was incredibly difficult to see but we had a few pairs of binoculars which helped tremendously,” said Phil Hankinson, who filmed the ordeal.

“I’m still in awe really of the spectacle which unfolded. The cat started stalking slowly moving toward the trunk and the impala was unaware of its impending doom. Then. In a matter of a second or two he pounced.”

They weren’t alone in their struggle, however, as a group of baboons started screeching excitedly as the pair briefly tussled.

“What we had witnessed our guide advised was something which he would see once every five years. And I had it on video.”

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