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VIDEO: 6-Year-Old And 8-Year-Old Attacked By Their Neighbors ‘Pet’ Raccoon

A six-year-old girl from Clinton Township, Michigan needed five rabies shots after she and her eight-year-old brother were attacked by their neighbor’s pet raccoon.

She ended up testing negative and the raccoon was euthanized.

The children’s father, Patrick McClusky, provided home surveillance video from their backyard that shows his daughter Abigail and his son being chased by the raccoon.

The children can be seen running away from the unexpected attacker, which is believed to have entered from a hole in the fence.

It ended up drawing blood from the daughter’s knee and chased after the son, grabbing onto his pants leg.

The neighbors had raised the raccoon, which they named “Bandit,” since it was a baby.

It was friendly and would regularly sleep with their granddaughter without any issues.

They’re only friendly until they aren’t and when they stop being friendly, situations like this happen.

Apparently, the owners attempted to release the raccoon but it kept returning for food, so they kept it.

Wild animals aren’t pets. It’s a fact that many people still don’t understand that can put themselves and others in danger.

Fortunately, this attack didn’t end up any worse than it did.

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