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VIDEO: 3-Legged Gator Follows Woman Home, Watches Her For Hours

Having an alligator follow you around can be an uneasy thing.

But if that gator has three legs and is still determined to follow you all the way to your house and then stares inside for several hours? That’s scary on a whole new level because that gator has some determination to see its goals completed.

The alligator had started to follow a woman after she encountered it on a Florida golf course in Bonita Springs

The woman could be heard saying “it’s coming right at me” in the original clip.

Saying the gator looks determined to reach her is putting it mildly. It hobbles and slowly makes its way in her direction as it awkwardly move across the course.

We’re not sure what this gator was trying to accomplish by following this woman and loitering outside her home, but anything that stared inside your house for that long can’t be up to any good.

Maybe it’s like a reverse Chubbs Peterson situation and this alligator blames the woman for its missing leg?

She probably wants to watch out for lopsided gator tracks wherever she goes from now on — just in case.

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