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Top 5 Duck Hunting Dog Breeds In The World


When it comes to what dog breed is best for duck hunting, you will find it is like asking someone which cell phone brand is the best. It does come down to personal choice but can also be measured by the features and strengths of each dog.

So, we will try to give you the low down on duck hunting dog breeds and what each dog can add to the hunt. As an enthusiastic duck hunter, I can tell you that I have experienced a number of breeds of hunting dogs over the years, so my feedback is weighted as well as tried and tested.

We haven’t put the list of duck hunting dog breeds in any particular order or rank, so just enjoy our comments and tips as they come up. Make up your own mind as to which breed is your fave.

The 5 Successful Duck Hunting Dog Breeds.

1. The Labrador Retriever

As far as duck hunting dog breeds go, the Labrador retriever is the epitome of a hunting dog and while we are not ranking the best or worst here, we do find the Lab the archetypal breed for hunting, and especially hunting ducks.

With buckets full of energy and a coat that is mean for a cold weather, they pack a punch in terms of their tenacity. Just a tip, feed your Lab before going out on a hunt or he may just eat his find.

Check out this video of a Labrador on a successful hunting trip.

As the proud owner of a Lab for a good many years, I can safely say he had his own way of hunting but it worked every time. Take a look at this awesome video of a Labrador practicing Field Marking Drills.

And if you’re into gaming, check out this The Hunter excerpt where a Labrador is used in the hunting episode.

2. The Bloodhound

While the bloodhound has received some flack over the years as being more of a nuisance than a help when it comes to hunting, he still has the best and most acute sense of smell out of all the hunting dogs.

Think about the movie “The Fox and the Hound”. While the Bloodhound wasn’t hunting duck, we could see the keen sense of smell and focused attention he gave to the hunt.

His name, Bloodhound, lends back to early 19th century, where they were used to trail wounded deer or boars for the nobility, hence the ‘blood” hound derivative.

And with that awesome sense of smell comes the ability to be trained. So, if you are dead set on a Bloodhound to hunt duck with you, then get him from a puppy and take him through the rig moral of hunter training. Just keep everything you need in your hunting pack for consistency training.

He will seek out that duck every time, and possibly bring back a friend or two. And if all else fails they are good in finding pretty much anything with a strong scent.

3. Golden Retrievers

As their name depicts, Golden Retrievers are great at retrieving things. They are the iconic dog when it comes to throw and fetch. But, are also real sports at duck hunting in particular.

Finding a video to show you on a Retriever seeking out a duck, following a successful kill wasn’t difficult. They are one of the most popular duck hunting dogs of all time.

And the main reason is because they will just always bring back what you want them to. A little training and they are the keenest in terms of pleasing you. In addition, they are real family dogs. So you get the best of both worlds in a Golden Retriever. A playmate for the kids and a hunting friend for you.

Take a look at this cool video of a Retriever doing his thing out on a duck hunt

If you like that combo then take some tips here on training your Golden Retriever up for bird hunting.

4. American Foxhound

American Foxhounds are renowned for being used in hunting parties throughout the greater America as well as Europe.

Primed generally for fox hunting, the American foxhound, like his closely related Beagle cousin, has a keen sense of smell and enthusiastic nature. Here are some interesting facts on the American foxhound.

American Foxhounds were, back in the day, bred for hunting. They were originally descendant from the English Foxhound and over time have had a bit of a mixed breed coming through, when they were mated in the US.

But in the death, are one of the most successfully trained hunting dogs around. They will keep searching until they find that elusive prey, which is a great trait when it comes to hunting ducks.

5. The Weimaraner

Not your most thought of dog when it comes to hunting duck, the Weimaraner is, in fact, a fantastic hunting dog.

Tall, long-legged and poised with grace, the Weimaraner is not only beautiful but also has been bred from early 19th centuries for hunting.

They were predominantly bred by royalty to hunt boar, deer as well as bear. So, you must know they are a very strong breed of dog.

When it comes to hunting duck, they are tenacious and eager. Give him a whiff of some duck feathers and he will be on his way in seconds.

If you want to know a bit more about these royal animals, take a look here.

For a birds eye view (excuse that pun too please) here is a video of a Weimaraner on the hunt. Warning! You may get a little dizzy with all his moving about, but is a great viewpoint, straight from the dog’s mouth, as it were.

In Conclusion.

We know you have your favorite fave in duck hunting dog breeds, but you must admit that they are all great examples of what hunting dogs are all about.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and have found some benefit from it. Being an enthusiast of duck hunting as well as dogs in general, I have found it a real pleasure researching and revealing our top 5 duck hunting dog breeds.

If you felt the same, please share our article and send us a comment or two of your own experiences with these marvelous animals.

Content via Stay Hunting: Brandon Cox with stay hunting.com knows his stuff. When it comes to having a question on a specific hunting topic, he’s your guy. Here, he provides valuable insight on choosing a dog for duck hunting. With these 5 breeds, it’d be easy to argue the merits of each individual dog against the other, but at the end of the day, it’s about personal preference. Each breed has its own strengths and weaknesses, it’s just up for the hunter to decide what tendencies best suit what they look for in a dog.


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