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Teenage Girl Wakes Up to a Snapchat of a Crocodile in Her Bathroom

If I ever woke up to a crocodile in my bathroom, I’d feel and do a lot of things – fear, panic, confusion, I’d question if I was dreaming and scream in terror, to name a few. The one thing I wouldn’t do is wonder how sick this would look on my Snapchat story, like this teens roommate did.

Coralie Myers, 16, of Australia’s Northern Territory, woke up to a Snapchat from her roommate showing a crocodile with a tied mouth on her bathroom floor with the caption “When you wake up to a random crocodile in your bathroom.”

Myers was concerned about the crocodile, but not as concerned as she was to how it got there. It’s bad enough when someone breaks into your house, but it’s on a whole new level when they leave behind a vicious predator.

“The croc didn’t creep me out, the fact someone came in to our house freaked me out,” she said.

Tim Nichols, a crocodile ranger, removed the croc from the house. He said she was in bad shape from being left in the home with her mouth restrained.

“I don’t know if wild or escapee but it’s in pretty poor condition,” he said

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