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Teen Fights Off A Bear With Bear Spray After It Pins Him To A Tree

They must raise people up different in Montana, because this teen fought off a grizzly and managed to survive after it attacked him.

The 17-year-old was searching for shed antlers when he heard a noise. When he turned around he saw a bear charging right at him.

Before he could react, the bear had him pinned against a tree.

“When the bear let go, the teen fell over and attempted to crawl between two trees and protect his head and vitals. The bear then pinned him face-down on the ground,” the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks said about the attack.

Fortunately, the teen was able to locate his bear spray and spray the bear over his shoulder while pinned down. The bear then ran off and he was able to make contact with his family and was taken to Madison Valley Medical Center, where he was treated and released.

The teen’s description of the bear and the attack lead authorities to believe it was a grizzly bear.

“The bear’s behavior in this incident appears to be typical of surprise close encounters,” FWP said. “FWP will continue to monitor the area, which is well within occupied bear habitat.”

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