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Snake Bites Another Snake, Which Bites A Wire, Electrocuting Both Snakes

A pair of city workers in Morganton, North Carolina made a puzzling and slightly terrifying discovery while examining electrical box on house set to be destroyed.



That’s two snakes. It appears one crawled inside the electric box and got electrocuted, whereas the other one received its deadly jolt while attempting to eat the other snake.

That’s right. Cannibal snake. For a better look at which one is which:



“One crawled up in there and was electrocuted when it bit into a wire,” said Electric Services Director Brooks Kirby. “You can see in the picture that the other one is biting its tail, so it was electrocuted, too.”

It’s not uncommon to find snaked in electric boxes every few years or so. Neither of the snaked in this incident were poisonous.

“The public needs to be aware that if they can get into an electrical box, they can crawl through any small hole,” he said. “Make sure all those places are sealed up. Because this sort of thing isn’t that uncommon.”

You don’t have to tell me twice.

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