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Seagull Looks Like A Cheeto After Falling Into A Pot Full Of Curry

We may have a new breed of seagull thanks to and accident that involved curry.

Like, a lot of curry.

If people turn green with envy, then this seagull must’ve turned orange with gluttony.

Hunger can lead people and animals alike into making some questionable decisions. This seagull that looking for a meal is no different.

After flapping its way upon a big container of chicken tikka masala curry, the seagull in question decided (what the heck?) to grab a bite (why the heck not?) and see what this curry stuff was all about.

Unfortunately for the gull, he ended up getting way more curry than it bargained for after it stumbled and fell right into the container.

Nearby workers managed to pull the seagull out, but not before it turned into a feathery, neon-orange Cheeto.

They managed to wash the bird clean of the curry and back to his original color.

“He really surprised everyone here – we had never seen anything like it before,” said veterinarian Lucy Kells.

“The thing that shocked us the most was the smell. He smelled amazing, he really smelled good.”

To eat or not to eat?

As good as he smelled, it sounds like this gull is lucky to have gotten out alive.

It’s just too bad he didn’t realize he’d basically become a cannibal in the process of getting a curry fix, but maybe he didn’t know chickens are birds, too?

Whether he intended to turn into the Hannibal Lecter of seagulls or not, we’re guessing he’ll think twice before attempting to snack on another bird again — no matter how heavily it’s been seasoned.

Here’s to hoping this gull didn’t have any chickens in his Tuesday night poker game. Otherwise, next week might be uncomfortable.

Smart bird?

Seagulls are generally considered to be very clever. They are even capable of learning and passing on behaviors that include imitating rainfall to trick worms to crawl out of the ground.

Smart move, seagulls.

As intelligent as seagulls can be, this gull must have missed a few classes.

At least there’s a good chance he’ll pass on the tip to never dive into a pot of curry, no matter how good it smells.

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