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Police Pull Woman Over, Then She Pulls A Gator Out Of Her Yoga Pants

Don’t try to smuggle alligators out of their natural environment, especially if you’re planning on stuffing it down your yoga pants.

It’s surprising how there are still headlines that manage to surprise us and make us scratch our heads. You’d think people would’ve run out of bizarre ways to end up on the news at this point.

This woman proved that isn’t the case.

After being pulled over by police, she decided to do her own pulling when she removed a young gator from her yoga pants.

You read that right.

The woman was traveling with a man when they ran a stop sign on Oil Well Road in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Sorry, Florida. That’s one more bizarre story to add to the list of bizarre stories that have come out of the Sunshine State.

The pair had been attempting to collect frogs and snakes next to a nearby underpass, according to police.

The deputy asked to see anything they collected after being made aware of this.

First, the driver opened a bag he had, which contained clothing and personal items. The female passenger one-upped him and opened a backpack that contained 41 small three-stripe turtles.

She wasn’t done yet.

After being asked if she had anything else they needed to be aware of, she reached into her yoga pants and pulled out a foot-long alligator, placing it in the truck bed.

If there’s one place an alligator should definitely never be, it’s exactly where that woman had it.

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