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Police Are Training Eagles to Take Down Drones

We all knew that the drone debate would heat up when the FAA launched their new rules in the USA just before 2016, but the Dutch police have taken it a step farther. According to IFLScience: The Dutch police have joined forces with Guards From Above, a firm in the Hague who specialize in training birds of prey for private security, to help protect the skies from rogue drones. With some training, the eagles recognize the drones as prey, which they then disable with their talons and return to a safe place.

“In the future drones will be used increasingly, so [it] will increase the number of incidents involving drones,” the Netherland’s Police said in a statement. “Drones can also be used for criminal purposes.”

Ironically, eagles have already begun attacking drones in the United States following this attack recently caught on camera — but they weren’t trained by the police, they were just angry!

Below is a video of the training with the attached description translated: “It is a world first: the police put raptors to get hostile drones from the sky.”

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