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Load Up! Mama Grizzly Gives Her Cubs A Ride Across The Lake

A day in the water doesn’t mean loading up all the floats and pool toys they can find for this bear family. That’s because these two cubs have the ultimate float that’ll take them anywhere — their mother.

This mama bear and her two cubs were spotted as they were needing to cross a large lake.

She doesn’t waste any time in offering up her back for a place to sit as she paddles them across the 400 yards of open water.

Hitching a Ride with a Mama Bear

Mama bears do whatever they can for their cubs—even if that means acting as a flotation device.

Posted by National Geographic on Monday, July 16, 2018

Grizzly bears are naturally great swimmers thanks to their high-fat content. But it looks like these two cubs need a few more meals before they can start contending with their mother for fastest swim time.

Although she’s willing to help them out when it isn’t their strong suit, she isn’t about to cut them any slack once they’re on shore and can walk. She shakes the cubs off her back right when they’re clear of the water as the family heads into the woods.

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