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Hunter Bags Bizarre “Franken-Turkey” With Bone And Feathers Growing From Its Head

You don’t want this gobbler on your Thanksgiving table

Frankenstein may be science-fiction, but this Franken-turkey is all too real.

It wasn’t hard to see that something was wrong with the turkey Colby Brown shot, even if he was 300 yards away when he spotted it on May 25, 2019.

There’s no Brown and his buddy Hunter Leeper could’ve known how bizarre it was until they retrieved it.

It wasn’t like anything they (or we) had ever seen.

This turkey wasn’t just sporting a couple of extra feathers, they were growing out of his head along with extra bone.

“Hunter said, ‘Look at him. He’s got something on his head,’” Brown recalled. “I looked through and at first I didn’t think it was a turkey. I didn’t know what the hell it was to be honest, but then he turned and I saw his beard.”

The two hunters started moving in on the bird, making sure they stayed out of sight as they closed in.

The turkey kept its distance from the hunters for over an hour. Leeper kept calling for the bird and it eventually paid off.

Once it was within range, Brown stuck his head out and shot it.

“When we got down there we looked at him and kinda laughed at how goofy he looked. I think that’s when Hunter said he’d never seen anything like it, adding, ‘I think you might’ve just become famous.'”

It’s safe to say there aren’t many Toms out there like this one. If there are, we can imagine that’s a low-budget horror movie ready to be made.

“Where the feathers on its head were, there was a bone coming out of its skull like an inch long,” Brown described. “This bone had a knot on the end almost like a ball joint like you have in your shoulder — and that’s where the feathers were coming from.”

Fortunately, the turkey was only as bizarre as its head and wasn’t a monster waiting to go on a rampage and weighed in at standard 21 pounds with a 10-inch beard.

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