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After A Four Year Hunt, Man Takes 36-Point Monster Buck With A Crossbow

What happens when buck you’ve had your eye on doesn’t shed his antlers and keeps his velvet? In Stan Ethredge’s case, it ends by taking a 36-point monster!

JACKSON, Miss. — The hunt for a 6-point management buck that spanned four years ended with a Philadelphia, Miss., man taking a rare 36-point giant.

“I hunt there around my house,” Stan Ethredge said. “We’ve got a couple of hundred acres.

“I’ve been getting pictures of him for at least four years now. He was a big 6-point four years ago. He dropped his antlers and grew six points again. After the second year he was a 6-point, I figured that was all he was going to be. I figured he was a good cull buck, but I never got a shot at him. I just got pictures.”

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