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Fast Friends: Jarvis Landry’s Daughter Befriends Baby Deer And Gives Plenty Of Pets

Deer new best friend…

Jarvis Landry might be the star wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, but his daughter established herself as a real-life Snow White when she became best friends with a baby deer.

Landry was in the yard with his daughter one morning when a baby deer walked up. The deer immediately befriended his daughter after a quick game of peekaboo and approached her.

The video quickly went viral, racking up over 2.3 million views.


Wild animals are unpredictable regardless of age, so Landry cautions his daughter to be careful.

“Went outside to play around in the morning time,” Landry said about the encounter. “We took a walk, a normal walk. We got back and I went to the garage, and when I came out of the garage, they were already best friends.”

Cute doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious

He then told WKYC that he was more afraid than his daughter.

“She wasn’t,” Landry responded when asked if his daughter was scared. “I was more afraid than she was.”

Landry has an insane 481 receptions in his first five seasons in the NFL. That puts him well into the number one spot since the most receptions before that stood at 426. It looks like he can add having a Disney Princess for a daughter onto his list of impressive feats.

We expect her to have an army of deer, birds and other forest creatures to help her with her chores when she gets older if she keeps this up!

Landry and his daughter didn’t name their new friend, but they’ll be ready if he shows back up.

“We should have,” Landry said. “If he comes back, we’ll definitely give him a name for sure.”

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