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Face Off: Impala Tries To A Beat Crocodile In Race To Shore, Then A Hippo Crashes The Party

An unlucky impala found itself strand between a croc and a wet place after stranding itself on an island.

After the impala was more than likely stranded on the island after using it to escape from being chased, it realizes it’s facing a new threat — a hungry crocodile.

The croc swam up before the impala could recuperate and decide to get off the island. After a standoff, the croc crawls up on land in an attempt to grab the impala. At this point, the impala makes a grave mistake and leaps into the water and starts swimming.

Unfortunately for the impala, the croc wasn’t the only threat in the water. As the crocodile is gaining on it a hippo can be seen rapidly closing in.

Right when the croc gets the impala in its jaws, the hippo launches onto it and pulls the croc under.

It looks like the hippo ended up getting a two for one surf n turf meal for being in the right place at the right time.


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