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Epic Sawfish Trip Highlighted by 6 River Monsters

Captain’s John Conway (Conway Charters) and Ross Gallagher (Intrepid Angler) are two anglers you want on your boat if you’re searching for river monsters. Especially when those monsters happen to be the hard to find prehistoric sawfish.

The duo teamed up with FWC to capture, tag and document the federally protected species.

“We head into the murky depths of the Caloosahatchee River in search of the prehistoric Sawfish,” says Ross Gallagher via the Intrepid Angler. “With the help of Conway Charters we helped provide six Sawfish to 13 feet long for acoustic tagging research with Florida FWC.”

These two anglers team up on the Caloosahatchee River in search of sawfish in a spot they’ve been reported to be congregating at – and the spot delivers.

Multiple sawfish in an hour plus a double header ain’t a bad way to spend a day out fishing for a nearly extinct fish.

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