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Bald Eagle Goes Viral After Getting Wedged In Car Grill

Apparently getting struck by an oncoming car isn’t enough to kill America’s national bird. That’s right, a bald eagle got hit by a car and was only minorly inconvenienced after getting stuck in the vehicles grill.

The eagle was discovered in the surprising position in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, near Jacksonville, Florida, after a driver noticed it was wedged in an oncoming cars grill.

The Clay County Sheriffs Office was called to the scene and later posted about it on Facebook. They called B.E.A.K.S. -Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Santuary, an organization based in Talbot Island to take the bird. The eagle was described as a mature male that’s around 7 years old by B.E.A.K.S. owner, Cynthia Mosling.

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