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350-pound Tiger Shark Chewed Up By Boat Engine

Dave Kampo returned home following an unsuccessful fishing trip and found a huge surprise.

“When I lifted the boat out of the water, there was a tiger shark hanging there,” Kampo told, “It was impaled on the engine and quite dead.”

He estimated the shark to be 350-pounds, after it was wrapped and chewed around the pod and the propeller of one of his 370 horse power Bravo diesel engines.


“It was quite a bang. We thought we had hit a shark because of the blood in the water but we had no idea,” Kampo continued with “We were going about 25 knots when we hit this thing. It damaged the engine and we limped back home on one engine.”

At the time of impact, there was blood in the water, but it didn’t attract any other sharks or fish. “It did extensive damage to the engine,” said Kampo, who purchased the boat last year. “We didn’t see it before we hit it. We would have certainly done everything to avoid him if we could.”


To get an idea of the mass of a tiger shark, check out this GoPro tiger shark video below. Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith set off from Jupiter, Florida to cuddle some sharks.

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