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Two Massive Bull Moose Recorded During Intense Fight in the Middle of the Road

Despite what many people think, moose can be incredibly aggressive. This is especially true if it’s a bull moose in the rut. These two bull moose show just how unwilling either of them is to back down as they go head to head.

The fight takes place on an open road and after a tense battle of locked antlers, it leads into nearby bushes. As soon as the bull moose end up in the bushes it looks like one of them gets gored pretty bad before cutting to the injured moose breathing heavily as it’s on the ground.

Many comments call out the filmer for not putting the moose out of its misery. But as you can see at the end of the video, that’s actually the injured moose that finally gets up and runs off. Whether or not they filmer had a gun or not, we’d say they made the right call in keeping their distance.

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