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Angry Homeowner Has a David and Goliath Moment as Cruise Ships Drifts Extremely Close to His Home

Bill and Yasmine Todhunter weren’t very pleased when a 122,000-ton cruise ship got uncomfortably close to their $2.3 million home. Well, Yasmine wasn’t pleased, Bill, on the other hand looked like he was ready to do battle with the Caribbean cruise ship.

We’d be frustrated and amazed (because we don’t live anywhere near the ocean or a port) if we walked out to find a cruise ship a couple of hundred feet from our home. But Bill bought a home right at a point where cruise ships are a daily sighting…so this can’t be all that uncommon.

Their home ended up being perfectly safe and unharmed at the end of the ordeal.

Let’s just hope the captain of the ship wasn’t named Tod.