What if I told you there was a way to track every single aspect of your fishing trip from start to finish? Every angler in existence would probably be interested. With ANGLR Tracker, every cast, catch and reeling patterns and behaviors are seamlessly logged, and you don’t have to do anything different than you normally do – you just have to fish, no annoying manual logs needed.

Image: ANGLR Tracker

ANGLR Tracker is basically like a Fitbit for your fishing rod. It tracks every single thing you do so you can reference what gives you results and what doesn’t. It’ll make you a better angler. At the end of the day, that’s what every fisherman wants.

There are around 46 million annual licenses sold for sport-fishing, so it’s an incredible industry with near limitless potential.

“Rather than trying to reach the entire market, we’re targeting bass fishermen – ‘bass blasters,’ said Nic Wilson, one of the creators of ANGLR, along with Landon Bloomer and TJ Corbett. “These are 12 million domestic fishermen who take upwards of 20 trips per year spending over $10 billion annually on fishing accessories and equipment.”

ANGLR Tracker from ANGLR on Vimeo.


If you found a spot and had a particularly nice haul or a monster trophy fish, ANGLR can drop a pin so you can revisit that special spot as many times as you want.

“Any fisherman you talk to will tell you they’re interested in the data from their past trips. Problem is, nobody wants to use the manual logs that are available today to document that information. With sensors, we’re automating the collection of this information in a way that doesn’t alter normal fishing behaviors,” said Wilson.

The ANGLR is being prototyped in Pennsylvania, where it will be produced. That means the tracker will be an even better buy because it’s made in America.

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