Dan Sullivan‎ just caught the same redfish, roughly a year apart – which isn’t that unusual. But, this wasn’t your average redfish. Check out the incredible spot pattern! Also, check out how fast this redfish grew during that time span. 

From Dan’s Facebook page:

Well I thought this was kind of cool. I caught a redfish last June that was covered in spots. He wasn’t legal so I snapped a couple of pictures and set him free. Fast forward to today. My son caught a redfish today in the same area covered in spots. I pulled up the photo from the fish last year and low and behold it is the same exact fish. What are the odds? I didn’t measure him last year so that length isn’t accurate. The lengths on the picture aren’t exact. Just knew he was too short last year and this year I guessed 23″ before we put the tape on him and he was 22&1/4″. Both sides match up perfectly. We counted 97 spots.


For a video on how voracious redfish can be, check out this epic night of fishing with Outdoors360’s Rob Chapman, Jon Chapman, and Captain Jason Stock!

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