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Adorable Photo of Little Girl Has a Particularly Poisonous Photobomber

At any given time, something in Australia is just inches away that could easily kill you. Fortunately for 2-year-old Molly Dickinson and her mom Bianca, their close brush with an eastern brown snake didn’t end differently.

Bianca was out taking pictures of her daughter and didn’t actually realize the movement she saw while taking the picture was a snake until it had already move past her daughter – but it was still close enough to be a threat.

“I was looking through my camera lens and was looking at my daughter. I saw something move in the corner of my eye and actually thought it was bark coming off the tree — yesterday in Victoria it was quite windy — I then looked up to see where the bark had gone,” she said.

Fortunately for them both, they stayed still until the snake had moved on and both managed to walk away safely.

“All my instincts wanted to run and pick her up and scream and run away,” she told the news outlet. “I stayed still and luckily so did she and it just slithered off.”