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Vicious Shark Attack on Spearfisherman Caught on GoPro

A West Australian spearfisherman has been left with puncture marks to his wetsuit after fighting off an aggressive reef shark in waters off the coast.

Brad Vale, 19, was fishing with friends near Coral Bay yesterday when the 7-foot shark came in for a closer look, Perth Now reports.

While the teenager scours the ocean floor for fish to spear, the curious shark starts to circle him.

As it turns and swims towards him, Vale offers a defensive poke which sparks instant rage in the underwater beast.

Seconds later, the shark lunges at the teenager and bites firmly into his stomach area, puncturing his slick suit.

“When I poked him he just turned back and without me noticing I looked down and he was already chewing on my gut,” Mr Vale told Perth Now.

“I got to the surface and was going to shoot it but I didn’t even have time to do that. He sort of latched on to my stomach and I tried to hit it with my gun in my hand but he let go pretty quick.”

The incident was the first time Mr Vale had been attacked by a shark since taking up the spear.

Ninemsn has attempted to contact Mr Vale.

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