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Patagonia is Donating All Their Black Friday Sales to Charity

Patagonia is doing something that sounds completely insane on their end this Black Friday. No, they’re not opening up 10 hours earlier than everyone else, they have actually promised to donate all of their Black Friday sales to environmental charities.

That’s right, they are donating their sales and not just their profits. The donated sales will come from Patagonia stores and their website and will not include merchandise sold through their retailers.

Even for a company that donates 1% of its yearly sales to environmental causes, this is a huge move for the biggest shopping day of the year. The donations won’t go to big name charities either, they will instead be given to “grassroots organizations” in local communities, according to CEO Rose Marcario.

“These are small groups, often underfunded and under the radar, who work on the front lines,” she wrote.

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