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Record-Breaking: Man Catches 18-Foot-Long Python

Whoever said everything’s bigger in Texas had clearly never been to Florida.

Florida man Kyle Penniston was down in the Everglades when he spotted a massive python in the water near a levee. Even though he knew the python was big, he had no idea how big until he started wrestling it.

Penniston had this to say about how it all unfolded:

“So this snake just showed me you really can do anything. I just caught this python alone, I was riding along the levee and saw this massive girl in the water. Jumped out and grabbed her by the head and realized how big she truly was. She started wrapping me while I tried getting her up the levee, she ended up making me loose my grip and as soon as I knew it she had my hand in her mouth. I grabbed my pistol off my side loaded one in the chamber and it jammed. I kept fighting till we were both dead of energy. *Finally, I* was able to get her up the levee and l euthanized her as it’s required by our program. Also thanks to Brian Hargrove for stoping to get some pictures for me.#blessed. Ended up being 17’5 120lbs”

All we can say is we’re glad it was him and not us. But we’d also suggest having a buddy or two nearby to make sure you don’t get taken down by the snake you’re trying to take out.

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