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Family Fishing Guide

With moms and dads busy working for the family, everyone tired of doing household chores and kids mentally drained absorbing  lessons for their school subjects, it’s just time to consider doing some family outdoor activities.

One pastime that the whole family may consider is fishing. Although it looks boring, it has lots of benefits to offer; it can fill your tummy with the fish you may catch, it teaches, especially kids, patience because you’ll have to wait for a few hours to catch a fish, and it’s safer than other outdoor activities, like hiking.

Thus, if you are now considering fishing your next family bonding this weekend, then better take a look at this guide on how you can have a smooth first time. 

Familiarize Yourself by Watching Fishing Videos

Watching vid in smartphone

Doing so will give you knowledge about how fishing is really done in real life. 

By watching videos online, you don’t just get to make Fishing known to you but you might also have more urge to do this activity. 

Know the Must-haves

Fishing is not fishing without fishing gear and equipment. Thus, below are some of the things to prepare ahead of time. 

  • Fishing License
  • Rod, Reel and Line
  • Hooks and Sinkers
  • Fishing Baits
  • Pliers

Tip 1: You do not need to buy expensive gears as you are just starting. You can buy cheap but good ones for now, and when you finally get the hang of it and you think you want to do it every weekend, then, buy high quality gears.

Tip 2: While a fishing backpack is not required for first timers, this may help big time in organizing your must-haves. 

Learn Some of the Basics

You may know fishing as merely catching fish, but the process might be unfamiliar to you.

The basics include Casting or throwing the fishing line with a bait, Fishing Knot Tying, Connecting the line to the fishing reel, Putting bait on the hook, Choosing hook size, Lure color Choosing and Net using.

Choose a Fishing Site Near You

You think you can fish anywhere? Of course not! That is why there are fishing sites.When choosing a site, make sure to opt first for a place near you. Again, you are just starting and you do not need to go to farther fishing sites.

Know the Rules

Fishing, with schools of fish involved, is regulated by certain rules. One example is the number of bags you can fill with fish. You think you can get as many fish as you want? No! The number of bags or the size of bags to fill depends on the fishing site. Also, there are other rules you should follow, so before finally throwing your fishing line, be informed first about limitations imposed.  If you are unsure of the local fishing regulations, you should view the states Fish and Game website or click here.

Have Patience

This is a type of activity that involves so much waiting. Thus, if you are serious about fishing. Then, know that fishing is for patient people, but if you are not that kind of person yet, worry not because if you are dead serious about doing this activity habitually, then you surely will develop patience and perseverance. Imagine waiting for hours for fish to bite your bait and be caught? Yes, it is not all that throw and catch. I mean, it’s not when you throw your fishing line, you will instantly catch fish. 

Always Think of Your Family’s Safety

Fishing, compared to other outdoor activities, is less likely to put you and your family in trouble of danger, but better safe than sorry. Tell your kids not to roam around, and bring inflatable in case of emergency, like kids’ falling into the water. Also, bring sunglasses and hats to protect all of you from sun rays.

Bring Food and drinks

While this kind of activity is not tiring physically, this still makes you hungry or thirsty. For solid food, it does not necessarily have to be a heavy meal. A simple biscuit or bread is enough, but if your kids are starving and you want something that will make all of you full, bring your favorite dishes. Now, for drinks, you can bring energy drinks, your kids’ favorite juice,water or even coffee or tea. 

Check the Weather Forecast

A great day to go fishing is a sunny day, where you can relax and not worry about rain pouring. Thus, it is imperative that you check the weather for the day that you will do the activity, so you can adjust your schedule in case. 

Wear proper outfits

While it’s a great way to get dirty, still hygiene must be watched. Bring boots and coats that are waterproof, so when the rain pours,  you wouldn’t have any problem. Also, it’s gonna be a muddy bonding, so protect your clothes, feet and hands from acquiring too much germs. 

Outdoors360 Pro Staff with huge redfish
Outdoors360 Pro Staff with huge redfish

Make Sure to Leave the Site Clean

Leaving trash anywhere shows how irresponsible you can be, and leaving trash in the fishing site means how you do not care about the environment and the fish living in the water. Thus, before you leave, make sure you gather all your trash in one bag and bring it home with you. Also, if the site has a lot of garbage when you arrive there, make sure you pick them although they are not yours.  This way, you are able to help not only the environment and the fish but your whole family too by lessening the pollutants. 

Enjoy Every Bit of Your First Time

It is your first time doing this with the whole family. Thus, it is okay if you don’t catch a lot of fish.  Instead of worrying too much about how you can catch bags of fish, just enjoy every second you have in the fishing site.


Family bonding time does not necessarily mean mall shopping or going to a theme park or going on a picnic. Thus, this family fishing activity can be your next great family pastime. Kids will surely love it because they are not just able to see live fish, they are also able to catch them, and for parents, aside from seeing their kids enjoying the activity, they are also able to bring food to their tables with the fish they will catch. With this guide, I hope you will be able to pull off a great first time. 

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