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Extremely Rare ‘Leucitic’ Red Snapper Caught off Florida

It’s not often (or ever, that I can remember) that you catch a red snapper devoid of any of the color in which it gets its name from. Johnathon Morris got quite the surprise when he reeled in a red snapper that appears to be completely white.

Image: Jonathon Morris

Image: Jonathon Morris

Known as a leucitic red snapper, the fish has a condition which pigment is lost in varying degrees on the body, but the eyes remain unaffected, unlike albinism, which is a reduction in melanin that does affect the eyes.

Morris brought in his lucky catch while on a charter with Pastime Princess in New Smyrna, Fl.

According to Morris, this is definitely the rarest fish he has ever caught and he’s looking to have a mount made of this incredible catch. The fish itself is still up for grabs (if you’re lucky) as he released the fish completely unharmed and in a healthy and strong state.

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