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Buying Your First Fishing Boat? Consider These Tips to Make a Smart Choice

Whether you’re a professional fisherman or just do it to pass time, you may want to have your own fishing boat at a certain stage of life. Having a personal boat will not only make fishing a lot easier, but it will also improve your physical and mental health.

However, purchasing a new boat is as complex as buying a new car, and even more in some cases. While you might have a good command on fishing, you might lack some knowledge of the fishing boat you are on.

Although you’ve been riding on someone else’s boat for so many years, you need to learn a lot of things related to boat ownership.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Fishing Boat

While a personal fishing boat will let you go fishing anytime you want, it may also put you in trouble if you don’t know certain things about boating. 

The following tips will be helpful enough to guide you while you’re making a purchase.

Where Do You Want to Fish?

Fisherman on boat with in winter

This is the most important thing to consider before buying a fishing boat. If you buy a boat without knowing its specifications, you will soon be disappointed with your purchase.

Where do you love to go fishing? Saltwater or freshwater? Big, deep lake or shallow freshwater? 

Based on your preference and fishing habits, there are several kinds of boats to choose from. If you love to fish in ponds, small rivers, or lakes, a Jon boat would be the best choice for you.

Bay boats and all-purpose fishing boats can be taken to both freshwater and saltwater locations. However, all-purpose boats are a perfect fit if you want to go fishing with your family. 

Besides, if you’re a professional and experienced fisherman, you can also go for a Bass boat.

Consider The Budget

Clamped wallet examined with stethoscope

If you’ve decided which type of fishing boat you want, you need to look at the price. Buying an expensive boat may cause unnecessary trouble for you and your family.

If you want to purchase a good fishing boat, there are some companies that have some high-quality fishing boats for sale, just go through their website and find out which one matches your needs and budget.

While purchasing a boat, consider other expenses such as gas, insurance, registration fees, and security equipment as well. Besides, you will have to rent a dock to park the boat. 

Is It a New Boat or a Used Boat?

No matter how good you are at fishing, you may not want to spend a fortune if you’re getting a personal boat for the first time. 

Having a brand new boat can give you premium services, but buying a pre-owned one will be great for you to learn seamanship and get your feet wet without the fear of damaging anything if you’re a new boat owner.

Don’t Forget The Trailer

Bass Boat on Trailer

While you’re excited about having your own boat, do not forget that you need to move it every once in a while. A trailer can help you to launch, carry, retrieve, and even store your boats. 

Whether you’re purchasing a new or old boat, make sure it comes with a trailer if you don’t want to fork over an additional expense for buying one later.

Choose The Appropriate Deck Layout

For most fishing boats, you can see two common types of deck layout: dual console and center console. 

The center console is a good choice for the saltwater fisherman as it comes with a lot of space on the deck, letting you cast and reel in fish. 

However, dual console boats are best for casual boating. They offer enough seating and storage capacity so that you can enjoy casual boating while fishing.

Don’t Forget The Boat Inspection

While spending your hard-earned money, you don’t want to end up with a defective fishing boat, which is why you need to check everything carefully before buying.

Just like a home or car inspection, your boat’s inspection should be done prior to making the final purchase. Have an expert marine mechanic who can spot potential defects inspect your boat .

If you find any fault in that boat, inform the seller and replace it with a good one immediately. Also, do not forget to do a test drive on the water to see if it works well or not.

Get an Insurance

Boating Insurance

You may need boat owner’s insurance if you want to purchase a boat, especially if you’re applying for a loan. Some banks may not want to give loans without proper documents of the insurance.

While a boat owner’s insurance will help you get the loan easily, it will also be helpful if you face any accidents or damages. 

The more expensive your boat is, the riskier it will become if you face an accident and have to bear the cost all by yourself. That’s why it is highly recommended that you get good insurance for your boat.

Go for a Safety Course

While you’ve been sailing on someone else’s boat for these years, things are going to be a lot different when you’re out in the sea with your new boat, and you need to take all of the necessary precautions before sailing.

No matter how old you are, you must attend a course based on what you’re boating and where you’re boating. It will help you learn about what safety measures you need to take to avoid unnecessary expenses later.

Final Thoughts

Whether you consider fishing as your passion or profession, having a new boat will make your life a lot easier. You can even take your kids with you on the weekend so that they can learn something new and enjoy the view.

Even if you buy an old boat instead of a new one, do not compromise with the quality. Talk to a trusted dealer, check everything, and go through all of the paperwork before you bring the boat home.

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