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Bull shark eats speared amberjack, takes diver for ride! (video)

Steel Rocket has already accomplished some incredible things in his young career spearfishing, but this may have been his most wild experience. Check out the video of the amberjack being speared, then being eaten by a bull shark, and Steel hangs on for a wild underwater ride!



Steel is a team member of Outdoors360, and gave us this insight into that trip (he was only 15-years old at the time of the video), “I was out in the gulf with my dad at a navy tower about 5 years ago, the 2 cobia I shot freediving almost as soon as I got there – they were around 50 and 40-pounds. As for the amberjack I shot tanking (on my first dive before the bullshark) it weighed out to 60-pounds. When I first saw the bull come to grab the fish I started to hit the gun to scare it away but it was too late, I was kinda worried more about losing my gun at the time because I knew he already had the fish and wasn’t after me. While being towed, I tried to get pull slack in to put more pressure, so I’d get closer and hopefully make it drop the shaft. Eventually it bit through the mono so i had to finish my dive.”


You may remember Steel from his free-diving 90-feet for a 60-pound black grouper – video and article. Regarding this video Steel said “In case your wondering what I picked up during the tow, it was a lightning whelk, and the second was a bottle I was checking to see how old. Might as well take advantage of the free ride!”

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