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15 Seconds of Terrifying Shark Chaos Caught on Film by Spearfisherman

It’s the shark frenzy video that’s going viral on Instagram. Don’t hold your breath as @ryansuits shares a 15-second clip of pure chaos and shark terror. WARNING: This video is violent.

A video posted by Ryan Suits (@ryansuits) on

From @ryansuits: I’ve been shooting Cobia for 7 years now and I’ve seen some crazy stuff, but nothing like this. These #bullsharks are wild animals and in this instance were in a feeding frenzy. While we usually fight off 1 or 2 aggressive sharks, I made the mistake of trying to land this fish when a dozen sharks were going after it. This left me way too close once they ate the cobe and a few proceeded to come check us out. I won’t let this stop me from diving (we went out the next day) but I have really gained a whole new level of respect for these creatures. On the upside, these guys had every opportunity to bite one of us but rather went after the spear shaft which looks like a shiny fish. Even in a frenzy they were aware enough to realize we are still not food. If I could share one piece of advice it would be to swim the hell away from the action when more than 2 sharks are chasing your fish. Let your reel out or if you have a float just swim away completely. No fish is worth your life. Please be careful out there, especially this time of year.

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