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VIDEO: Mountain Biking Doesn’t Get Any Crazier Than Loosefest!

Jump on and get ready for a wild ride as Sam Reynolds follows Andreu Lacondeguy & ...

VIDEO: Cyclist Wheelies Down The Brooklyn Bridge As He Forces Pedestrians Out Of The Bike Lane

We'd struggle to wheelie 1.3 feet, much less 1.3 miles, but this cyclist makes it look ...

Mountain Biker Has Rough Landing After A Jump

We're not entirely sure what happened to cause this mountain biker to wipe out so hard, ...

Cyclist Rides With Motorcycle Group And Then Passes Them

This cyclist might be a good contender for the next Tour de France! After catching up ...

Watch Fearless Geese Chase Alligator Off Golf Course

These geese ain't scared of no gator! While attending the Christie’s Critters golf ...

Watch Longboarder Soar Down Hill At 70 MPH

There aren't many who wouldn't even attempt to go down a mountain at 70mph in a vehicle, ...

VIDEO: Airplane Barefoot Waterskiing Takes Water Sports To A Whole New Level

Waterskiing behind a boat is intense enough before going at it barefoot. Ben Groen ...

Springfield Armory And NSSF Cut Ties With Dicks Sporting Goods

It looks like bad news just keeps rolling in for Dick's Sporting Goods. Not only has ...

Watch Dolphin Leap Out Of the Water To Tackle A Paddle Boarder

A paddle boarder found out the hard way that it's a bad idea to get too close to this pod ...

Surfer Rides The Biggest Wave Ever After Tackling 80-Foot Monster

Big wave surfers are in a league of their own when it comes to their willingness to take ...

VIDEO: Bull Charges Human Rodeo Soccer Balls In Bizarre Sports Mashup

Rodeos and soccer both have their own dangers associated with them. Even though rodeos ...

VIDEO: Scaling The World’s Highest Rock Climbing Wall Is As Terrifying As You’d Imagine

What this climbing wall lacks in length, it more than makes up for it in how insanely ...

VIDEO: Treehouse Mike Takes The Toboggan Jump To A Whole New Level

Toboggans aren't exactly known for taking big jumps and getting big air. Treehouse Mike ...

High Schooler Golfer Gets A Different Kind Of Birdie When Goose Attacks Him After Tee Off

A high school golfer in Michigan was in for quite the battle after teeing off and we're ...
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