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The Top 10 College Towns For Anglers and Sportsman

Not only are students involved in most ubiquitous sports, such as basketball, football, ...

Lightning Strike Injures 6 People At PGA Tour Championship

The strike could have ended a lot worse A game of golf got an extra dose of ...

Oakland A’s Sign Fan Who Threw 96 MPH Fastball At Speed Pitch Contest

No scout needed! This fan got himself signed! Speed pitch competitions aren't known ...

Triple Fan Field Rush: Three Deer Interrupt Baseball Game, Run Around Outfield

We've heard of people rushing the field in the middle of a sporting event. Some even opt ...

Marathon Mayhem: Meet The Man Behind The World’s Most Impossible Race

If you've ever attempted the Barkley Marathons, we're guessing you didn't finish. ...

Watch Snowboarder Ride Down This Insane Pillow Soft Snow

This look more like GoPro athlete, Travis Rice, is riding down a long line of clouds ...

Who’re You Calling Grandpa? 70-Year-Old Runs Marathon In 2:54

If there's one person who proves that age is just a number, it's Gene Dykes. Not only ...

Going, Going, Gone: Kiteboarder Gets Insane Air

At what point does kiteboarding become parachuting? That's the question we find ...

Rocket Golf: Rocket Powered Golf Club Swings In At 150mph

If you're looking to destroy your friends the next time you hit the golf course, then we ...
Nature & Science

Weather Conditions Turn Street Into The Perfect Ice Rink

Who needs a frozen lake when a street can be even better for ice skating? Residents of ...

Climber Alex Honnold Describes How He Climbed A 3,000-Foot Vertical Cliff With No Ropes

You'd have a difficult time finding a climber more skilled and experienced than Alex ...

VIDEO: Insane Ultrarunner Climbed Everest Twice In A Week — Here’s Why He Did It

Most people will never even attempt to climb Mount Everest. Of the people that do make ...

The 2017 World Long Drive Champion Tries To Hit The Green On A Par 5; Proves He’s A Monster Off The Tee

Justin James, the 2017 World Long Drive Champion visited the 6th hole at Bay Hill golf ...

Who Needs Mountains When You Can Ski On Rooftops?

Avoriaz, France may have some incredible mountains for skiing, but Richard Permin prefers ...
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