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Koi are Being Killed by Cash Throwing Visitors

The Koi in a pond located in Yantai City are being killed off at an alarming rate by ...

Fisherman Finds Pure Terror at the End of His Fishing Line

Lance Burgos and his daughter just had the scare of their lives while checking for ...

Inner Tubers Terrorized by RC Alligator Head

Anyone who's floated down a river before has worried about seeing an alligator. This kid ...

Watch: How to Expertly Clean and Skin a Gator

The guys over at Florida Sportsman visit All American Gator Products in Ft. Pierce, Fl ...

Remote Control Alligator Prank Goes So Well (Or Wrong), Police Show Up

The ultimate prank for fake gators in the past few years involve a remote control boat ...

Night Bowfishing in Louisiana is Like Modern Day Dinosaur Hunting

Bowfishing adds an element to fishing that you just can't experience with a rod and reel. ...

Tiniest Homemade Speed Boat Ever Breaks Speed Limits and Necks

This homemade speed boat looks super sketchy, but it sure can fly. It won't be long ...

Fishing With a Power Drill Just Raised the Bar of Creative Fishing

Video description from The Fish Whisperer: I thought of this genius idea and decided to ...

Over 20 Fish Caught By Remote Control Boat Wins the Internet

If I had known RC boat fishing was possible when I was a younger, I probably would've ...

Amazing Bass Eating Lure Video In Crystal Clear Water Shows Power of Determination

This video perfectly highlights the underwater dance that we often don't see when waiting ...

Hunters Capture 15-Foot Monster Gator That Was Eating Their Cattle

You don't have to have your eyes checked. That is a gator that measure almost 15-feet ...

Water Sports Has Evolved Into Flying Underwater With the Subwing

If you thought watersports couldn't get any more innovative - think again. The Subwing - ...

Bacon Bait Bass Fishing Combines the Best of Both Worlds

Fishing - there's nothing quite like it. All you need is a rod and a body of water and ...

Shocking Fish Attack Video Proves There’s Always a Bigger Fish

Description from Curtis Woloshyn's YouTube page: This happened at Scott Lake Lodge in ...
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