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Lucky Catch: Fisherman Reels In A 57-Pound Striped Bass

There's nothing like hauling a striped bass out of the water that you instantly know is ...

VIDEO: Anglers Line Breaks While Reeling In A Bass, So He Dives In After It

How far would you go to save a catch from getting away? For this angler, there isn't ...

VIDEO: Man Ditches The Rod And Catches Big Bass With His Bare Hands

Who needs a fishing rod when they can snatch bass right out of the water? This guy, ...

8 Hour Battle Lands Florida Man A 758-Pound Swordfish

Catching a fish doesn't get any better than it did for this Florida couple from Cape ...

Traditional Whale Hunt Carries On A 1,000-Year-Old Tradition

Winter means something different for the Inupiat of Alaska than it does for most. ...

VIDEO: Fisherman’s Catch Is Only His Until A Grizzly Decides It Wants It Instead

He may have nearly caught the salmon, but Jeremy Wade quickly learns the Sockeye on the ...

Golf Hall Of Famer Greg Norman Catches A World Record Hammerhead Shark, Then Goes Swimming With It

When Greg Norman isn't on the golf course he can be found pulling world record sized ...

Shark Bait: Fisherman Snags 500lb Mako Shark — Then A Mystery Monster Bites It In Half

This shark fishing story out of New South Wales, Australia reminds us that there's ...

Kayak Fisherman’s Catch Has The Last Laugh, Knocks GoPro Into The Ocean

A kayak fisherman learned the hard way to never assume a fish has given up in its ...

Angler Indicted For Trimming Bass Tail To Win Tournament

If you're looking for a longterm payoff, you're most likely not going to find it by ...

Wilderness Is Important To Hunters And Anglers — Here’s Why

Wilderness isn't necessary to catch a fish or bag a deer, but it certainly makes the ...

Ice Fishing Brothers Find A Frozen Pike With A Bass Its Mouth

It isn't very often that a fisherman catches two fish before they ever take out their ...

Over 16,000 Redfish To Be Released In Florida Waters To Help Red Tide Damage

Although earlier estimates for the number of redfish being released into Florida waters ...

A Father And His Son Take On The Great Outdoors

The gift of having a son is an eye opening experience for any man. I find myself ...
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