At 86-years old, Ted Gundy is anything but past his prime. This veteran was an army sniper in World War II who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and received the black hat award, which is one of the highest marksmanship awards, given only to AMU elite shooters.

Even though age has made Gundy shaky and unsteady at times, that all falls away when he’s given the chance to fire a rifle. He’s given the chance to take a shot from 300 yards with an 03 Springfield A4 sniper rifle – the same one he used in the Army – and he nails the shot. If that’s not enough, he’s given the chance to take a shot at 1,000 yards with a modern rifle.

Looking calm, collected and as in control as he’s ever been, Gundy takes the shot and nails the target right in the head; not just once, but three times in a row!

Thanks to soldiers like Mr. Gundy, we’ve been blessed with the freedom they fought so hard to protect.

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