If you’ve never used Tannerite to get rid of some of your unwanted items, we highly recommend you consider it. Just make sure you do so in a safe and controlled manner — unlike some people.

When it came to getting rid of a 425-pound pumpkin that wasn’t ready for a contest, these Mainers decided to stuff it full of Tannerite and fire away. After putting a 20-pound bucket of the explosive in the pumpkin and taking proper precautions, they sit back and shoot at it with a 300 Winchester Magnum.

They may miss it the first shot (and the next 12) but it’s worth it once that 14th shot hits its mark and sends pumpkin flying everywhere.

With Halloween approaching, we figured some of you may need ideas on what to do with your pumpkins once November rolls around — even if you don’t have a quarter-ton pumpkin.

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