It was an event that could’ve ended terribly when a 34-foot sail boat named “Khaleesi,” capsized near pier 45 in San Francisco while carrying 30 passengers. Coast Guard, local police, firemen and other nearby pedestrians all leant a helping hand in rescuing the passengers over the course of roughly 30 minutes.

Eight of those rescued were taken to local hospitals with varying degrees of injury. Luckily, everyone is expected to survive.

“There was just a ton of people in the water,” witness David Griffiths said. “We just started throwing life rings.”

The quick actions of rescuers helped insure that things didn’t end up much worse.

“This could have been really, really catastrophic,” said Bob Postel with the San Francisco Fire Department. “For this to have the outcome that it did, is really a lot of good fortune and good luck.”


The boat ended up completely submerging, but authorities will investigate what caused the vessel to sink.

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