America has no shortage of incredibly expensive mansions. These gigantic homes are often constructed just to prove that you can indeed have a home where you use a different bathroom every day of the month. So to say one particular mansion is the most expensive on the market is saying something.

At $250 million, this Bel Air mansion and most expensive home listed I the U.S. is anything but necessary. At 38,000 square feet, it features 12 bedroom, 21 bathrooms (only 10 short), five bars and three kitchens. If that isn’t enough, this place ever has its own moat (yeah, you read that right) because, well, why not?

The included four lane bowling alley guarantees you’ll be the owner of the most expensive bowling league in the state.

A multi-million dollar wine collection stored in two separate cellars promises to keep you from ever having to make another liquor store run again, and a James Bond-themed home theater will show everyone you invite over for movie night what you’d rather be watching.

The features go on, and on and on. There’s even a sculpture of a gigantic Leica camera, valued at $1 million.

You know a $250 million home has to have room for toys and this place doesn’t disappoint. A helipad on the roof and a 12 car “auto gallery” – it houses a Bugatti Veyron and a Rolls-Royce Dawn – helps make traveling around never feel old. The entire car collection, valued at $30 million, comes with the house.

Brace Makowsky, owner of BAM Luxury Development Group, said the home took four years to build and furnish. In creating the home, he sought to cater to the filthy rich by offering them the ultimate luxury.

“It baffled me that no one was developing luxury real estate at those high levels for the super wealthy,” he says in a statement.
“I set up my real estate development company in Beverly Hills, California, to cater to the super affluent that demand the very best in life.”

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