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The 2017 World Long Drive Champion Tries To Hit The Green On A Par 5; Proves He’s A Monster Off The Tee

First Federal Bank of Florida

Justin James, the 2017 World Long Drive Champion visited the 6th hole at Bay Hill golf course in Orlando, Florida with one goal — land on the green with one drive on a 555-yard par five. While he was hitting it over the water to hit the green, which put him at 387 yards to the pin, that’s still a disgustingly long drive he’d have to hit.

He makes the shot — multiple times — and single-handedly makes us all feel like we need whatever driver he’s using (but we know it won’t make a difference) in order to add a few yards to our drive.

Get ready to see what it looks like for someone to nearly break the sound barrier (not really) with a golf club!

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