It’s a question most of us will never have to answer : If an absolute buck of a lifetime crosses your path, and you know it’s escaped from a nearby Outfitter, what do you do? Alex Wright, a 17-year old from Ohio, didn’t hesitate. He squeezed his 20-gauge shotgun, and harvested a 30-point, 200-plus-inch whitetail buck worth over $20,000.


The deer had escaped from nearby Stillwater Trophy Outfitters, and Alex had both heard about the escape, and seen the buck on recent trail cam photos. As fate would have it, Alex actually shot the buck on the last Saturday of the hunting season following a rain storm. “I knew the deer had been there from the trail cam pictures, but when I actually saw him it was really exciting,” he told the TimesReporter.com, adding that he got a little rattled by the buck’s size. “I was shocked.”


Above is a video of one80team hunting Stillwater Trophy Outfitters, and harvesting a monster buck in the 200″ class. 


Some estimates of the deer have it scoring well over 200-inches, potentially in the 260″-300″ range. Alex’s previous biggest buck was only a basket 6-pointer. “I knew it was one of the deer that escaped from the pen, but I figured that wasn’t my fault. I hunted like I would have any other deer that would have been there. I shot him in the heart, he went about 30 yards and dropped.”

Stillwater Trophy Outfitters is a high-fence property, offering hunts for trophy deer, where the hunters pay a price based on the size of the deer. A buck scoring over 200 Boone & Crockett points starts at a whopping $19,900. Below are several deer taken from the outfitters.


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