Chasten Whitfield isn’t your typical teenage girl. Whereas most teenagers are typically more focused on what they want, Whitfield spends her time taking kids dealing with illnesses out for a day of fishing. We couldn’t be more excited to have Chasten as part of Team Outdoors360, and recently she was a part of a feature on WTSP 10 News.

When Whitfield recently took Savannah Smith out on the water, Smith wasn’t exactly sure what the day would bring. She did know she expected one thing for sure: “To have fun.”

Smith isn’t very experienced on the water, but the two teenagers still had a great time as Whitfield showed her new friend the ropes.

“It’s a lot more fun than I expected it to be,” Smith smiled and said after catching a grouper.

Whitfield has been taking kids out like Smith or over six months, and they love it almost as much as Whitfield does.


“It makes it sometimes really hard for me to walk and talk,” said Smith, who is facing Myasthenia Gravis. “Somedays I can’t talk from my MG.”

Image: Screenshot

“I like seeing exactly what’s happening so when I see a girl catch a fish for the first time and the smile on her face it’s like instant, alright, this is worth it,” said Whitfield.

This is an absolutely amazing story of a young girl who’s giving back in ways that will impact these kids lives forever. Keep up the awesome work, Chasten.

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