Kelton Beardall, 15, is lucky to be alive after a recent encounter with a shark at New Smyrna Beach while surfing that left him with multiple bite wounds to his foot.

His biggest fear as a surfer was coming face to face with a shark, according to First Coast News.

Beardall believes the shark that attacked him was a bull shark, which are known for having an aggressive nature.

“It bit me once and it almost didn’t hurt that bad, I maybe thought I had stepped on a shell or landed on something like that,” Beardall told First Coast News. But then, like two seconds later, it bit me again and i thought it took my whole foot. That’s how bad it hurt.”

Image: First Coast News

Image: First Coast News

The injured and frightened teen managed to find his way to shore, where a man helped him and he was taken to local hospital for treatment.

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