Remember your first hunt? Chances are you were nervous and had no idea what you were doing. Maybe you ended up having a shot at a decent sized doe, or you may have even taken down a buck with a few points. Chances are you didn’t spot a monster like this 11-year-old from Springfield, Missouri, much less kill one.

Shot by Jenna Perryman and weighing in at 200-pounds, this 15-point, 178 inch typical whitetail is a buck even the most seasoned buck hunter would get excited over.

Image: fieldingstream

Jenna almost missed her chance at this monster buck. Her and her father, David, had been hunting most of the day, when towards the end they spotted a doe from 50 yards out. Jenna lined up her shot and got ready to fire, but her dad stopped her when he noticed a buck behind the doe.

“It didn’t look as big when it was that far away,” Jenna told the Springfield News-Leader, “but then when I saw it, I was like, ‘Whoa! Did I do that?'”

There’s a good chance Jenna’s buck will make it into the Boone & Crockett Club record book. That’s insanely impressive for anyone, much less a first time hunter, because only 474 of the millions of tagged deer over the years have made it in the book.

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